Dan Eiden was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. He grew up with a love for playing and watching sports. So it was only natural that when the football coaches in high school made it mandatory for players to lift weights that Dan saw it as fun rather than a chore. Dan continued to weighttrain throughout high school while playing both football and baseball. He earned a championship ring as a member of his high school baseball team (Driscoll Catholic, 1992 Illinois State High School Champions). You can attempt the luck cleopatra free play.

In the years following high school Dan exercised sporadically and ate poorly. He soon realized he was getting fat and out of shape. Dan realized he needed to make some major changes in his life. It was at this time that he dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle and shed his body fat, gained some muscle, and got into the best shape of his life. It was also during this time that he developed a love for exercise and proper nutrition. Because of this newfound passion for fitness Dan decided he wanted to help others in their fitness endeavors. He decided to get certified as a personal trainer in the spring of 1998. Dan worked as a personal trainer throughout college at Power House Gym in Arlington Heights, Illinois where he became the gym’s senior personal trainer. In August of 2000 Dan graduated from Concordia University in River Forest, Illinois with his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science.

Upon graduation Dan moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in September of 2000 where he began his own personal training business. What separates Dan from other personal trainers is his vast knowledge of exercise and nutrition as well as a never-ending passion and devotion for the fitness and health care field. He feels that his background as a competitive natural bodybuilder compliments his knowledge of exercise and nutrition and proves that not only does he practice what he preaches but that his philosophies and principles work. It is clear that he has devoted his life to his profession by his never ending quest to learn more and constantly better himself to the benefit of his clients. Dan is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Exercise Physiology.