Can You Help Me Improve Body Compisition? – What type of shape and condition and athlete is in can dramatically affect his or her performance in a positive or negative way depending on the condition of the athlete. If an athlete is fat, has a low amount of muscle, and is out of shape this will have severe negative effects on their performance in their sport. If an athlete is in great shape with a low amount of body fat, optimal amount of strength, power, and muscle and is in great shape and condition this will have a very positive affect on their performance.

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The athlete who is in great shape and condition will have a definitive advantage over their competition and this will be even more noticeable the later it gets in the game and sports season when the out of shape athlete is laboring.

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When I train athletes a lot of the improvements they are looking for revolve around more strength, power, speed, endurance, etc. Improvements in body composition may be of lower importance to some athletes looking for better sports performance but it is of high importance in almost every sport and one of the things I focus on a lot in my programs. I achieve optimal levels of body fat and muscle with my athletes through the right training programs, nutrition, and supplementation I implement into each athletes total program.

7 Ways To Increase Arm And Shoulder Muscles

A muscular and muscular body is the dream of all men. Apart from protecting yourself, a muscular body is also often used to show off, especially to show off to girls. Ok, without further ado, here’s how to increase your arm and shoulder muscles using the Brotak Admin version of everyday tools. Check this out:

7 Ways To Increase Arm And Shoulder Muscles With Everyday Tools

Weight Lifting Exercises

The weight lifting referred to here is not using a barbell. But by using our creativity. Friends brotakers can use 2 buckets, each containing 8 liters of water or 8 kilograms of water. In addition, brotakers can also use artificial barbells from cement that are cast in milk cans or paint cans. Or you can also use a 3 kg LPG gas cylinder which is still full (filled). Try before starting, brotakers do a warm up like hanging on a tree or small push ups.

Forward Vertical Weight Lifting Exercises

To be free, try friends to increase the load slowly. If you train seriously, then in 1 month, brotakers can add a maximum load of 1 kg / month. Remember, you should not overexert your muscles, because it will result in injury later. Practice 30 minutes in the morning before starting the activity and 30 minutes in the afternoon.


For a variety of movements, you can lift vertically to the chest, vertically to the side, vertically forward and also vertically above the head. With a tempo of 1 second up and 3 seconds down. Do it slowly as much as 20-30 times the batch. Then change hands, change variations, and repeat for up to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, try not to rest immediately, do cool down such as stretching out your arms and hanging for 5 minutes.

Push Up

Push ups are raising and lowering the body in a prone position with your arms shoulder width apart. Variations of push-ups are regular push-ups, push-ups with your feet on a chair (50 cm), and push-ups with your hands on a 20 cm high base.

The variation of the push-up movement with the legs above is useful so that all body weight is directly supported by the hands and back. So that the effect goes directly to the arms and shoulders. Meanwhile, the variation of push up movements with the hands above is useful so that the back works more optimally.

The best time to do push ups is in the morning after waking up to get the maximum effect. Push ups at least 40 times a day and increase 10 times every month so that your muscles continue to grow, don’t just walk anywhere. If you are tired, stop for a moment and reconnect if you are still able to.

Hang Up And Pull Up

Pull up is an exercise in which the motion of hanging from a handle and lifting the body up and down. The pull up exercise doesn’t have to be at the pull up pole. Friends brotakers can use the media that is around us, such as on a strong tree branch or above the door of the house. Do it with a variety of pull ups up and down the body, hanging one hand, moving the hanger to another place, and swinging on a tree branch. Our advice, use hand protection by wrapping cloth around the hands of brotakers before starting the exercise

Exercise on a clothesline

Hands Rests on a Chair. Relying on a chair is useful for strengthening the back muscles and back arms. Friends brotakers simply put your hands back on your chair and hold them in the maximum time you can. Do it repeatedly in the morning and evening.

rest on

Chair Resting Exercises. Feet Above Hand Below (HandStand). Admin does not recommend this movement for those of you who are overweight and are not yet proficient at this movement. This exercise is very risky and can lead to fractures if the movement is wrong. You can lean your feet against the wall and hold for the maximum time. This movement is useful for increasing your arm and shoulder muscles. The burden that is supported is your own body so that the success or failure of the exercise is also influenced by the weight of the brotakers.

Handstand Exercises

Eat Nutritious And Balanced Foods. Expand to eat foods that contain animal protein. Nutritious does not mean luxury. Enough with morning milk, eggs meat, fish, and iron in spinach.

Enough Rest, Spirit Never Give Up And Pray

Rest at least 9 hours a day, namely 8 hours at night and 1 hour during the day. Besides that, you must also have the enthusiasm for training and never give up. You can’t get strong muscles if you only practice a week a day and you can’t get it in just 1 month. Sturdy bodies take years to get. For that you must never give up and fight laziness. And don’t forget to pray to the Almighty so that every work and effort of you brotakers is not in vain. The key is in you.

How to make a Six Pack Stomach

Having a six pack stomach is everyone’s dream. Aside from being fitness, a six pack stomach is also good for men and women and can make someone more attractive. To have a six pack stomach you need to focus on burning fat in the body rather than on weight loss. There are several ways to make a six pack stomach

Eat Enough Protein 

Eating enough protein can build muscle and burn fat in the body. Of all macronutrients of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, protein has a high thermogenic effect, which is an effect that produces heat to reduce fatigue in the body. That is why protein is called the most valuable macronutrient of all.

Eat Moisturized Foods

Many people are mistaken and believe that carbohydrates are bad macronutrients and can cause fat. However, natural wheat or starchy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oatmeal are actually quite useful for your mission to form a six pack stomach, especially if consumed after exercise. When you like carbohydrates after exercising, carbohydrates have little possibility to turn into body fat.

Stop Crunching

Classic abdominal muscle movements such as crunches and crunches will work only on the muscles that function to flex the body, namely the lower spine. But multi-joint movements, such as lifting weights, will produce a far greater reduction in total fat and muscle formation than crunches and crunches. Lifting weights can build muscle and stamina. This will maintain your muscle mass while burning body fat.

Adequate Core Training

Exercising core muscles when your muscles are still fresh can achieve benefits in increasing body stamina. If you focus on strengthening the core muscles, you can lift heavier weights in weight lifting, so the body will burn more calories and more muscle will work.