Whether you are looking forward to that new bikini or just wearing a pair of jeans, you want your butt to look good. Your rear end is made up of the gluteal muscles, which are a collection of three muscles that make up the buttocks' musculature. The glutes are attached to the hip joints to help move your body's trunk and core when you are in motion. Strong glutes help reduce the possibility of injuries or pain to your lower back, hamstrings, knees, and hips. It also can improve your posture and sports performance.

How can I build great glutes?

As I have said before, you cannot focus on losing weight and building up just one part of your body. You must lose weight over your entire body so the muscle building work you do is plain to see. If you are ready to start building your butt, exercises such as squats and lunges can help to sculpt the muscles.

It is important to hold yourself so your bum doesn't tuck under your body as you exercise. You should also work to squeeze your butt cheeks together when you are performing glute exercises, rather than lifting your hips, legs, or torso. The movement should originate in your glute muscles rather than your hamstrings or lower back. You will also want to tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your knee and ankle positioning consistent through your exercises. These tips can help improve the efficiency of your exercise while minimizing the chance of injury or pain.

Can cardio exercises help tone my glutes?

A good fitness regimen includes weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises. Jumping, throwing, sprinting, and changing direction can help firm your glute muscles when you are not lifting weights. The idea is to work all the muscles in the glutes to get a pleasing shape. A firm butt can also help to burn more calories and raise your endurance when you are performing other types of exercise. Aerobic activities can help strengthen and tone your gluteal muscles for extended periods of exercise while improving tone and endurance.

What else do I need to know to begin sculpting my glutes?

Flexibility is key when you are toning your muscles. Your hip flexors, calves, ankles, and hamstrings must all be flexible in order to allow you to work out without injury. Incorrect exercises can lead to lower back pain and other injuries. It is also important to make sure your lower back is strong enough to give you proper support and balance when you are performing advanced lifts such as squats, dead lifts, and power cleans. If your back is too weak to properly do these exercises, it will make your methods less effective.

How will I know if my exercise regimen is appropriate to toning my gluteal muscles?

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