When you begin weight lifting, you probably have visions in your head of six-pack abs, huge biceps and triceps, and a large chest. You may even be working on getting larger shoulders and a stronger back. Exercising your triceps is important to increasing the overall size of your arms and to help you look proportionate.

How can I build larger triceps?

Believe it or not, one of the best tips for those just starting out on building their muscles is to gain weight! It is impossible to build your biceps and triceps if you have a very low body weight, so you'll need to start by increasing your overall muscle to get stronger... and you will need to eat a lot. The best method is to eat every 3 hours, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, post-workout, and two snacks. You should be full after each small meal. You can also gain weight by drinking a gallon of whole milk every day. Your muscles will grow while they are resting, so you won't want to train the muscle groups five times per week. Your arms need to rest so that your muscles can grow.

Building triceps revolves around "pushing" exercises. Some of the most effective exercises for building triceps are, weighted dips, chest press, and skull crushers for isolation. It is important that you do not neglect other compound workouts that are responsible for the release of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone; specifically squats, deadlifts, and chin-ups.

What are some additional tips to help me build my triceps?

Beginners should start with compound exercises to build muscle mass rather than isolation exercises. Focus on your entire body first, then work on the details. Be sure not to over train any of your muscle groups, as this can cause injury and will not give your muscles enough time to rest and grow. Work out your other muscles in addition to your arms, or you could end up looking disproportionate. You don't want to have huge arms and skinny little legs!

How can a physical trainer help me build my triceps more efficiently?

Beginning a weightlifting regimen is more complicated than trying to lose body fat or getting into better cardiovascular shape. If you're located in Las Vegas and are considering getting a personal trainer to help you in your muscle building regimen , contact me and I will help you put together an exercise and weight lifting program, along with a dietary program, that will help you build muscle mass in a healthy effective way. My years of experience have given me the expertise to build a daily regimen that will help you look better and feel better!