When you see a bodybuilder on TV, some of the most noticeable aspects of his appearance are the peak biceps that rise when he flexes his arms. You may have tried to get the same effect, but nothing seems to make those peaks rise above the smooth muscles of your arms. With the correct exercises and the right diet, you can achieve the peak biceps you are looking for.

Where do I start?

The first step to build your bicep muscle peaks is to make sure your body fat is low enough that people can see the muscles under your skin. Most trainers recommend a maximum of 12% body fat, as any more can give you unneeded bulk that will make it harder to grow your muscles and can be unhealthy. Not only that, it can hide the muscles you are developing. Eating the right diet can bring your body fat levels down to an appropriate number that will show off all your hard work.

The second step to building bicep peaks is to train the outer bicep head. This is a little known fact that many bodybuilders do not recognize. There are two heads that make up the biceps, the inner and the outer. The outer bicep head will give you the peak on your muscle and give you the extra inches you are trying to achieve because it makes your arm look higher.

What are some exercises that can help me build bicep peaks?

Some exercises you may want to try to add peaks your biceps are the close grip barbell curl, hammer curls using a dumbbell or even a cable with a rope grip , or concentration curls that are focused on the top of the curling movement. These basic exercises can get you started on your way to having the peak biceps that you see on so many televised bodybuilding champions. Keep in mind that genetics also can affect the ways in which your weightlifting workout can sculpt your body. You may work out just as often and in the same ways as others in your gym, but your arms will always look different because you have different bodies.

There are some other tips that will help you to build muscle peaks. First, it is important to change your workout program every 2 to 3 months, so your body does not plateau in the muscle building process. Train each body part at least once a week, at the most twice, to avoid injury and over training. Finally, train your other muscle groups so that your body remains proportionate as your muscles continue to grow.

Can you help me put together a diet and exercise program that will help me meet my goals?

As a physical trainer, I can help you design an exercise and dietary program that can help you reach your weight lifting goals. If you are located in Las Vegas and would like more information on how to maximize your workout and to build the muscles you crave, give me a call or send an e-mail, and we will build a program of lifestyle changes that will have you feeling great and looking even better.