Too often, we ignore our legs in order to focus on our upper body strength. When you walk into a gym, it is common to see many bodybuilders with enormous shoulders, arms, and chests, but thin little legs. If you break down a lot of upper body exercises, you will see that they work out your legs as well. The same can be said of the opposite; when you work out your legs, you are often working out other areas of your body. The legs are such a large part of our bodies that it is a wonder that we do not focus on them more often.

How can leg exercises build muscle on the rest of my body?

When you do in exercise such as the dead lift, you are strengthening your leg muscles, your arms and shoulders, your abs, your back, and many more muscle groups. Your legs suddenly have to carry your own weight plus the amount that you have lifted, so they're growing larger. The large movements you perform when doing leg exercises can help to tone and strengthen the muscles in the legs as well as those that keep your body balanced during these motions.

How should I start?

Beginners should concentrate on covering all of the lower body when exercising. Activities like the Swiss ball hamstring curl, the lunge, and the squat are three basic exercises that can work the majority of leg muscles and build up their strength. The Swiss ball hamstring curl can be great because it helps to work out your core as well as your butt. If you are looking to build power in your legs, you will need to do faster exercises such as Olympic lifts, snatches, and power cleans. Exercises such lunges can work out your butt as well as your legs, and help to make your knees and ankles stronger and more flexible.

Compound exercises are the most effective way to work out other parts of your body when you are training your legs. Isolated exercise and should be avoided unless you are only looking to build the muscles on your legs, and are doing a separate workout for the rest of your body. Compound exercises and multi-joint exercises can improve intramuscular coordination and can involve the stabilizer muscles, especially when you're using free weights rather than a machine to perform the same types of exercises. They also allow your body to release large amounts of anabolic hormones, including testosterone, growth hormone, and more. These hormones will help your body to build larger muscles everywhere, not just your legs, and allow for overall better workouts.

Can a physical trainer help me more effectively build my leg muscles?

If you are in the Las Vegas area, contact me for more information on an exercise and dietary program that can help you build your leg muscles, along with the rest of your body. I can put together a daily exercise and food regimen that will help you to meet your muscle building goals more effectively. With dedication and the right lifestyle choices, you will soon have always wanted you have always wanted!