Maximal strength and power are a big part of many sports so increases in them are a major emphasis in many programs I write out. I help my athletes bring about maximal strength and power gains through a variety of methods that emphasis the right rep bracket, intensity zone, type of exercises, sets, and load. Perhaps the biggest part of gaining maximal strength and power is the training and conditioning of the nervous system.

Tell me a little bit more about how you train athletes

Many of my clients and athletes know me as a stickler for strict form and technique and part of gaining strength, explosion, and power is learning the correct form and technique on all lifting movements so that the body recruits the right motor units into the movement in the right sequence.

I see many high school football strength training programs that have kids using complex, high coordination, advanced Olympic and power lifting movements without teaching the athlete the correct form and technique on those lifts. Not only will this not allow the athlete to recruit and use the right motor units in the movement and therefore not translate over to the field of play but more importantly it will get the athlete injured by lifting with the wrong form and technique or by creating a muscle imbalance by using the wrong muscles in the wrong way in the lift. Time lost to injury can be devastating and cost an athlete their sports career. This is why I work consistently in every single workout on training my athletes in correct form and technique.

Only when an athlete is able to perform a lift with strict form and technique will I start to push them to handle maximal lifting loads. The gains that I achieve with my athletes in maximal strength and power are achieved in a direct way that translates over to the field of play. These improvements will be noticed the next time the athlete steps out onto the field to compete.