Many clients call me asking if I can help them "just tone their body." They want sculpted, defined bodies with no flab and attractive muscle. The majority of them have the misconception that they can get toned by lifting weights; however, a weight loss plan is also critical to help eliminate the fat that is covering the muscles. When this diet is combined with light or heavy weight lifting, your body will become more toned.

What are some tips to help me get toned?

There are a few habits you will need in order to tone your body. The first, obviously, is that you must maintain a healthy diet. This includes eating more protein, avoiding alcohol, and taking in less sugar and fat. You can improve your metabolism and cardio function by taking daily walks of at least 30 minutes. Water is another key to getting a toned body. When you drink enough water, it will help to tone the body and keep the kidneys and digestive systems working. Next is exercise. Whether you go to a park, a gym, or even at home, the equipment and location are not as important as keeping to a regular exercise routine. Remember to stretch your body regularly to improve its flexibility and coordination. Without a warm-up, you can injure yourself or make your workout less effective. Consider taking a yoga class, swimming regularly, or even kick boxing to help tone your whole body.

Which body parts should I concentrate on?

Since toning your body involves weight loss, you will not be able to lose weight from just one area. As you begin to lose weight all over your body, you can begin to choose areas to tone the muscles more effectively. For instance, if you wish to tone your thighs, make lunges, squats, and leg raises a part of your regular routine. For your abs, try lying flat on the floor and raising one leg or both, hold for several seconds above the ground, then repeat. Jogging is a great way to tone your legs, but a brisk walk can work just as well. Kick it up a notch by integrating some stair climbing or stair steps. Squats, especially with some added weight, are an effective method of toning your butt, as well.

What gym equipment should I use when trying to tone my body?

First, keep in mind that everyone there is working to achieve the same goals that you have. They may just have been working on them for a little longer. Treadmills are a good place to start, because they give you a mechanized alternative to brisk walking. They will also allow you to monitor your heart rate as you set the speed and resistance for your workout. A cross-trainer is also a good idea, as it works your upper and lower body while giving you a good cardio workout. To tone the legs and stomach, try an exercise bike and slowly build up the resistance and length of time that you ride.

Can a personal trainer help me tone my body to get the results I want?

I have helped hundreds of clients in and around Las Vegas to meet their fitness goals, whether they be to tone up, build muscle, or lose fat. If you are ready to start improving how you look and feel, call or e-mail me and we will put together a diet and exercise regimen that will help you get the results you've always wanted. We'll integrate the foods and exercises you need into your daily lifestyle. Soon, your clothes will fit better and you'll feel great.