What is explosive strength? Explosive strength can commonly be seen on television specials about weight lifting professionals. Whether they are performing a sudden dead lift of weights several times their own weight, pulling a train car by themselves, or throwing a medicine ball, explosive strength is when you gather all your energy to do lifts, throws, pulls, or otherwise move something in one fast motion.

Who needs explosive strength?

Many athletes use explosive strength, including those who play tennis, football, soccer, volleyball, and baseball. Building this type of strength takes plyometric exercises, which consist of stretching a muscle slowly (called the eccentric phase) then shortening it quickly in the concentric phase. This results in power, strength, and speed.

What is the most effective way to get good results from this type of workout?

It's important to start with a dynamic warm-up. This involves stretching while in motion. Since your joints and muscles are going to be used explosively during the workout, 5 minutes of dynamic stretches can help them become adapted to the exercise motions. This can include arm crossovers, side bends, arm circles, alternating toe touches, and other types of moving stretches. Next, your body should be used to simulate situations it will face in your sport. For instance, football and soccer games often result in a player being face down on the ground. Since you will need to push yourself up and run down the field, performing plyometric push-ups can help you simulate this action.

Another way to a build explosive strength is to use a medicine ball during your workout. If you play basketball, soccer, or rugby, you will constantly be throwing from the chest or from your midsection, and sometimes even from over your head. If you use a weighted medicine ball to simulate these motions, your body will grow accustomed to the weight and you'll be able to throw the ball further. Try other motions as well, such as side throws, slams, and chests passes.

Performing your highest intensity exercises first can help you to build your muscles before they tire out from the rest of your exercise session. It is also important to use a wide range of motion with your exercises. This will allow your joints to grow used to the movements as well, and can build the lesser-used muscles so they can perform effectively during your game. Over the weeks of your exercise regimen, you will want to increase the resistance so you grow continuously stronger. You may even want to try using a weight vest, which allows you to slide small weights into its small compartments to add a little more resistance to your workout each week.

How can I be sure I'm performing my explosive strength training correctly?

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