I specialize in training athletes of all ages, training levels, and sports. If you are a young athlete just getting started training or a professional athlete looking to take your game to the highest level, I will customize a program for you. Whether the goal is increased maximal strength, power, speed, or improved body composition I will individualize a program for you.

What sets you apart from other trainers?

I take into account all the different qualities that make each athlete and their situation unique including each athletes different sport, time of sport season, level of experience, goals, etc. My programs are designed specifically to translate over to the field of play. When individualizing programs, I factor in every aspect of an athletes workout down to the smallest detail.

I'm particularly known for my science and research based approach to training with every part of the workout being done for a specific reason and with a specific goal in mind. Our workouts will take place in a private gym that is free of the distractions and crowds of the big gyms and health clubs yet has all the different type of equipment necessary for each athlete to reach their specific goal.

I train all of my athletes 1-on-1. This hands-on approach to training allows me to track and monitor every facet of an athletes program along the way while also providing the motivation and encouragement that is needed during each workout.

What can I expect to learn while training with you?

The best training programs in the world wouldn't be successful if the athlete wasn't following a proper sports nutrition program. This is why I put a high level of importance on educating and counseling my athletes on sports nutrition. Each athlete is given a copy of "The Eiden Principles Nutrition Guide," a nutrition guide that was written by me to include all information necessary for each athlete to reach their goals.

I will work with each athlete on setting up a proper individualized sports nutrition program that includes help with meal planning, nutrient level recommendations, and supplementation guidance. What makes training with me unique is my drive to be the best that I can be by always reading, researching, and learning more about my profession to the advantage of every athlete that works with me.

I prides myself on not just training my athletes but helping educate them as well by teaching and explaining every aspect of their programs as well as anything else that is relevant to health and the human body.