Swimsuit season is coming, and millions of women around the world are panicking when they think about trying on those new bathing suits. Don't worry! With the proper diet and exercise, your body will be bikini-ready in no time.

Exercise for the body you want

We all have busy schedules, and fitting exercise in can seem like one more hassle. However, just by getting up a half hour early every morning, you will have 30 minutes for a quick workout before you head into work. That will free up your evening because your fitness regimen is out of the way until tomorrow! Even 15 minutes of working out is better than none at all, and you will feel your energy and fitness levels increase.

This is also the perfect time of year to get outside for your exercise. Hiking and climbing convert a lot of calories while boosting your metabolism. While you can perform the same types of exercises at the gym, performing them in a natural setting can be a calm, relaxing experience just for you. While you cannot focus on one part of the body to lose weigh, the overall weight loss of walking and running gives you the additional benefit of toning your legs, butt, and abs.

What about my diet?

You already know that carbs can add extra weight to your belly region. Eating green, leafy vegetables and lean proteins can help you stay full while providing the energy you need to get through your day. Avoid breads, rice, potatoes, sugars, and bad fats. At least 50% of your daily food should be fruits and vegetables. If you eat every 2 hours from the time you get up in the morning, you will be eating 5 to 6 small meals per day, which will keep your metabolism up and will keep you from getting too hungry and bingeing. Water intake is absolutely crucial to your workout, because you lose water when you sweat. Foods like a meat, milk, and eggs can help boost your energy while you are training and give you the calories you need to burn.

What if I get bored?

It is important to change your exercise routine regularly so that you stay interested and can keep your motivation high. Introduce new elements every 5 to 6 weeks and try adding some resistance training to sculpt your body. Your cardio will keep your metabolism high, which will help you lose weight as well. There are also thousands of recipes online that can give you new ways to prepare healthy food so that you are not stuck in the same menu rut all the time. Once you get bored, you are less likely to keep up with your new lifestyle.

Can a physical trainer help my body to become bikini ready?

One of the most common tasks with my clients is to help them get their bodies ready to show off during the summer. If you are in the Las Vegas area, call or e-mail me and we will put together a diet and exercise program that can be easily integrated into your daily schedule. With dedication and perseverance, your body will look fantastic in anything you choose to wear!