Every athlete has different levels of improvement they can reach in their specific sport. One of my jobs as a strength coach in training my athletes is to help them reach the maximum of their abilities. I use a variety of methods to achieve this including not just using the right programs at the right times.

Where will we train?

Part of helping my athletes achieve their maximum levels of success in their sport is providing the right training environment. I train my athletes out of a private gym that is clear of all the distractions of the big public gym's or fitness centers yet with all the equipment and tools necessary to achieve their goals.

What separates you from other trainers?

Another part of maximizing my athletes abilities is the personalized, one on one, hands on workouts I provide for them. This personal touch allows me to be able to account for and monitor every single second of my athletes workouts, handle all the changes that make each and every workout unique, and provide the motivation and encouragement needed to push my athletes. I once had a pro athlete who trained with me that previously trained briefly at a well-known sports training facility that had him training in a group with 5 other athletes and at a hefty price tag. One of the problems he had with that was the lack of attention to his specific workout and the lack of a truly customized program for him. Needless to say he didn't train there very long.