Can You Help Me Improve Body Compisition? – What type of shape and condition and athlete is in can dramatically affect his or her performance in a positive or negative way depending on the condition of the athlete. If an athlete is fat, has a low amount of muscle, and is out of shape this will have severe negative effects on their performance in their sport. If an athlete is in great shape with a low amount of body fat, optimal amount of strength, power, and muscle and is in great shape and condition this will have a very positive affect on their performance.

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The athlete who is in great shape and condition will have a definitive advantage over their competition and this will be even more noticeable the later it gets in the game and sports season when the out of shape athlete is laboring.

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When I train athletes a lot of the improvements they are looking for revolve around more strength, power, speed, endurance, etc. Improvements in body composition may be of lower importance to some athletes looking for better sports performance but it is of high importance in almost every sport and one of the things I focus on a lot in my programs. I achieve optimal levels of body fat and muscle with my athletes through the right training programs, nutrition, and supplementation I implement into each athletes total program.