The best workouts and programs in the world for an athlete are of little importance if the athlete is not following a proper nutrition program. I place a very high level of priority on nutrition and work hard to help all my athletes with all parts of their nutrition programs including types of food, amounts of certain nutrients, meal planning, and supplementation. I work on educating my athletes on all aspects of optimal sports nutrition and part of that education is getting a copy of my "Eiden's Principles" nutrition guide.

My nutrition guide is detail specific and will provide the athlete with the information they need to get their sports nutrition program headed in the right direction. Following the athlete getting a copy of my nutrition guide and going over it I will then work with the athlete to customize their nutrition program. This will involve customizing the nutrition program to their goals, body type, food allergens, supplementation, etc. I have had many athletes train with me who once I worked with them and educated them on nutrition noticed significant changes in their body composition and in their performance.