When you see a muscular man in the street, one of the first things you'll notice is his chest. A lot of men who are trying to add bulk concentrate on using the routines of pro body builders several times a week. If you are naturally thin, those methods will not be as effective as working to build your entire body, then working on your chest from that base.

What exercises will help you reach my goals?

Heavy compound exercises such as squats, bench press, overhead press, and dead lifts can help you build overall strength quickly. These exercises can also help your body to release more muscle building hormones and bulk up your legs as well as your chest. Be sure to use the proper technique with a full range of motion for each exercise, which will lessen the chance of injury and will make your workout more efficient.

What about my diet?

Your diet is also important when you are trying to increase the size of your chest. Doctors agree that keeping your body fit can be done, in part, by eating several small meals rather than three large meals each day. Focus on eating foods that are calorie dense every 3 hours to give your body the fuel it needs to properly build your chest muscles. Training a few days a week won't do you any good unless you are eating the proper amounts of the correct foods.

Are there other guidelines for building my muscles in a healthy way?

Keep in mind that your muscles will grow when they are resting. You should not train your chest any more than two times each week to allow them to relax and grow between workouts. This is also healthier for your body, as you are giving your muscles more time to repair themselves between workouts. Stay realistic about your training goals. With the proper training and diet, your muscles will begin to grow, but their actual shape and how you look is a matter of genetics. Even if you do the same workout as a friend, your bodies will look different because everyone's musculature is shaped differently.

I am a physical trainer living in Las Vegas, and I can help you set up a weight training program that will help you realize your muscle building goals. I can also help you establish a daily diet that will help you reach your goal faster. Learning how to lift weights correctly to get the body you want can seem complicated. With my help, you can look better and feel better about your body fast.