When you are working to have a muscular body, one of the most important areas is the shoulder region. The ideal shape is to have a tapered V, beginning with wide shoulders that taper down to a narrow waist. Having a healthy waist to hip ratio is also very important to your health, as that spare tire can put stress on your heart.

How do I begin to set my goals?

To build bigger shoulders, you must use the right types of movements and eat the appropriate foods to support muscle growth. As with any other region of the body, you cannot just build bigger muscles by concentrating on one area. A good upper body or full body workout can help to build your shoulder mass while keeping the rest of your body looking proportionate. Eating 5 to 6 small meals a day made up of calorie dense foods can give your body the fuel it needs to build your muscles correctly.

What are some exercises that can help build my shoulders?

One of the best exercises to build bigger shoulders is to perform shoulder press variations. Rather than using isolated shoulder exercises, varying your shoulder press, such as using a front barbell press or a behind the neck press, you can develop muscles over the entire shoulder and work on the weak points. If you alternate your shoulder exercises, it can prevent your muscle building exercises from reaching a plateau.

Upright rows work the lateral head of the deltoid, which can help to build the muscles on your shoulders. Because they will give a rounded appearance, this can make your shoulders appear fuller. You may also wish to try shrugs, which can increase the width of the upper back. The barbells are held relaxed at the side of the body, and the shoulders are shrugged as high as possible. Stretching before and after these exercises is very important to prevent tightness and injury. Lateral to front raises can be effective, although the muscles worked in these exercises are not as strong as those used in the previous exercises.

Do you have any tips when I'm starting out?

Remember that working to build your shoulder muscles must be balanced with the work you are performing to build up the rest of your body. For instance, when you perform chest exercises, the shoulders are indirectly targeted. You will want to rest your shoulders enough that they will not be injured from overworking. Learning how to balance your overall workout can seem complicated. Unless you are working with a very experienced trainer or weight lifter, it is possible to overdo your workout.

How can you help?

I have worked for years helping clients to lose weight, build muscle, and live healthier lives. If you are in the Las Vegas area, contact me to design a dietary plan and workout regimen that can be integrated into your daily life. With the proper muscle building foods, weightlifting techniques, and daily tips, you can start to build the muscles in your body more quickly so you can look better and feel great !