When you are tired, you rarely feel like exercising. However, research has found that regular exercise can increase your energy levels and can provide increased energy over the long run. For those of us who are stuck behind a desk the entire day, exercise can help you feel less fatigued while you are at work and once you get home.

How can exercise boost my energy?

Studies have shown that sedentary people who adopt regular exercise programs can see an increase in their overall energy. In fact, those who exercised often found that they were less fatigued than people who took stimulant medications. That means that moving your body can have a better effect than sports drinks, energy bars, energy drinks, or one more cup of coffee. Getting a good amount of exercise can even help you sleep better at night, which will further improve your energy levels during the day.

How can diet lift my energy levels?

Like every other aspect of your health, diet plays a large part in raising your level of energy. Eating the right foods can help to build healthy brain, tissue, and muscle cells while keeping your energy levels high. Lean proteins, such as beans, the white meat of chicken and turkey, fish, and tofu can give your body energy with no excess saturated fats. Saturated fats are present in red meats and dark meat in poultry, and can clog your arteries. This will restrict your blood flow and slow the delivery of nutrients to your body. Unsalted nuts and seeds make a great snack between meals. They provide protein and omega-3 fatty acids for proper brain function, and can help your mental focus.

Try soy-based cheese and milk as a substitute for your dairy products, as they are lower-fat sources of lean protein. Whole grain pastas, tortillas, and breads are a good choice over the white versions as they contain complex carbohydrates that your body can burn over a long period of time. Eat five or six smaller meals a day instead of two or three, which will help to avoid energy crashes between your meals. Sugary snacks are not a good option to keep your energy levels high, as they can cause your body to crash and leave you feeling lethargic and fatigued.

How did the diet and exercise work together to give me more energy?

When you eat foods that provide your body with the fuel it needs, you will naturally feel more energetic. That means you will be more likely to exercise, which can further boost your energy levels. The greatest thing about bringing up your energy levels naturally is that there are no side effects such as those you would get from chemical energy drinks, or crashes when your sugar level drops.

Can you help me put together a diet and exercise program that will boost my energy?

Yes! I have worked with so many clients that needed a dietary and exercise plan that would help them feel less lethargic and fatigued over the long-term. We will work together to formulate a food and activity strategy that will have you looking better and feeling better. When you work these methods into your daily schedule, you will see the results right away.